[PATCH v1 4/5] net: macb: Compatible as per device tree

Ivan.Griffin at microchip.com Ivan.Griffin at microchip.com
Thu Nov 11 14:17:10 CET 2021

> I agree with Bin here. You shouldn't introduce a new compatible just for
> u-boot. If you need one, please to it first in linux and get an ACK there.
> Or at least there should be patches for it pending in linux and it should
> be likely, that they will be accepted.
> Please work towards having one binding for u-boot and linux.
> -michael

I think both Michael and Bin are right, but that maybe this has gone circular.

IIRC, Linux *doesn't​ need* any extra bindings because its driver already
supports 64-bit DMA.

Padmarao's original patch added equivalent 64-bit functionality to the
driver in U-Boot, but this was rejected.

Instead I think the suggestion was to add a device-tree binding to choose 32 or
64-bit DMA...  however, there is no reasonably way of upstreaming this into
the Linux device-tree, as Linux doesn't need it... so he is left in a Catch-22.

A way forward may be to go back to his original approach and get the U-Boot
driver functionality updated so that it works similarly to the Linux driver
(and thus can use the same device-tree stanza)?

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