[EXT] RE: [PATCH v5 11/16] crypto/fsl: Fix kick_trng

Gaurav Jain gaurav.jain at nxp.com
Tue Nov 23 14:13:49 CET 2021

Hello Michael

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> Subject: Re: [EXT] RE: [PATCH v5 11/16] crypto/fsl: Fix kick_trng
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> Hi Gaurav,
> Am 2021-11-23 11:44, schrieb Gaurav Jain:
> >> > fix hwrng performance issue in kernel.
> >>
> >> This patch is missing some context information, specifically which
> >> performance issue does exist in the Kernel (with some
> >> quantification), and how is it addressed here.
> >>
> >> This function introduced with this patch already exist in the Kernel
> >> [1], and the implementation does differ from Kernel one.
> >> Specifically, this patch lowers the number of test samples that are
> >> run to decide whether the entropy generated by TRNG is sufficiently
> >> random: it reduces the monobit count range, poker test limits, and
> >> number or runs for consecutive 0's and 1's.
> >>
> >> Considering the fact that after TRNG is initialized - JDKEK, TDKEK
> >> and TDSK are preloaded from the RNG and are locked until the next
> >> PoR, Kernel will not re- initialize the TRNG (in fact, there is a
> >> check that is done in the Kernel not to touch RNG if it is already
> >> initialized [2]), and this would leave the Crypto facilities running
> >> in the Kernel to use entropy model that is defined here. In this
> >> case, at least a justification of this change should be made clear -
> >> e.g.
> >> significant speed
> >> improvement over reduced entropy (with quantifiable numbers).
> >>
> >> In addition, with those new parameter set, would the RNG pass FIPS
> >> 140-2 test?
> > TRNG is configured to pass FIPS certification, but will double check
> > and confirm you.
> >
> > You are correct if RNG is instantiated in Uboot then kernel will not
> > reinitialize.
> > 77% performance drop was observed on IMX6/7/8 platforms (0.3 kB/s)
> > compared to 1.3kB/s.
> > With this change hwrng performance improved to 1.3 kB/s.
> Did you test on other platforms like layerscape, too? Can we be sure there
> will no impact with this change on other platforms which uses the CAAM
Yes I tested Layerscape as well. I tested hwrng, blob encap/decap which works good.

> I have to agree with Andrey, there is little information *why* this is done in
> exactly this way. I'd love to see a proper commit description and comments
> here. I just see a bunch of magic numbers in the code.
Will update the commit description in next version of this patch series.

Gaurav Jain
> -michael

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