Altera Socfpga reset issue

Henk yoda at
Sat Nov 27 13:21:29 CET 2021

Hi all,

I am porting an old yocto project that used 2018.11 version of u-boot on 
a Cyclone V socfpga.
I recently switched to u-boot 2021.04 and experienced one issue now on 
my board which I am trying to tackle now.
The issue that I have is that when I am in the u-boot shell and try to 
command a reset that I only remain with some text like:
'resetting ...' and an endless stuck.
So I fired up ARM-DS5 and tried to debug both versions of u-boot ,the 
old 2018.11 and the new 2021.04

The difference that I see is that the 2018.11 ends up with the 
do_reset() call inside arch/arm/lib/reset.c while the 2021.04 version 
ends with a do_reset() from sysreset-uclass.c.

In effect, the 2018.11 version ends up with code issuing a warm reset 
(which I believe is correct) and the one that I have trouble with 
(2021.04) ends up with code issuing a cold reset.

I believe the latter is not correct right?

Is this a configuration error for my board?



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