[PATCH v2] imx: support i.MX8QM DMSSE20 a1 board

Oliver Graute oliver.graute at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 10:51:05 CET 2021

On 08/04/21, Stefano Babic wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> I get errors when I build the board (some configs must be in defconfig
> instead of header):
> +(imx8qm_dmsse20a1) Error: You must add new CONFIG options using Kconfig
> +(imx8qm_dmsse20a1) The following new ad-hoc CONFIG options were detected:
> +(imx8qm_dmsse20a1) CONFIG_ETHPRIME1
> +(imx8qm_dmsse20a1) CONFIG_FEC1_ENET_DEV
> +(imx8qm_dmsse20a1) CONFIG_FEC1_MXC_PHYADDR
> +(imx8qm_dmsse20a1) CONFIG_FEC2_ENET_DEV
> +(imx8qm_dmsse20a1) CONFIG_FEC2_MXC_PHYADDR
> +(imx8qm_dmsse20a1) CONFIG_IMX_SMMU
> +(imx8qm_dms
> Can you check this, please ?

ok will do it in v3

Best regards,


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