[PATCH v5 3/5] env: Allow U-Boot scripts to be placed in a .env file

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Oct 5 16:55:55 CEST 2021

Dear Simon,

In message <CAPnjgZ1tRi5SsqU0K8HXgj-4xCs7i9TLX4Mj0_D=Cpj8BAn32w at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> > > Add a feature that brings in a .env file associated with the board
> > > config, if present. To use it, create a file in a board/<vendor>/env
> > > directory called <board>.env (or common.env if you want the same
> > > environment for all boards).
> >
> > This should be no exclusive "or" here. If a common.env exists, it
> > should be used for all boards, and if additionally one ore more
> > <board>.env files exist, these should ALSO be applied to the
> > respective boards.
> Is it not enough to use #include in the main file? We have a similar
> feature with the u-boot.dtsi files and in that case we only choose the
> most specific.

1) This requires that the .env files are run through CPP, which is
   only added in a later patch.
2) Even if I add an "#include board/<vendor>/env/common.env" in my
   <board>.env files, your logic would trigger on the existence of
   the common.env file and ignore the <board>.env files.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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