[PATCH 0/3] stm32mp: Attempt to resolve unintended breakage with v2021.10-rc2

Patrick DELAUNAY patrick.delaunay at foss.st.com
Fri Oct 8 11:18:34 CEST 2021

Hi Alex,

On 10/7/21 7:13 PM, Alex G. wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> On 9/14/21 7:26 AM, Patrick DELAUNAY wrote:
>> Hi Alexandru,
>> I think you need to update arch/arm/mach-stm32mp/Kconfig
>> something like:
>>   config STM32MP15x
>>       bool "Support STMicroelectronics STM32MP15x Soc"
>> -    select ARCH_SUPPORT_PSCI if !TFABOOT
>> -    select ARM_SMCCC if TFABOOT
>>       select CPU_V7A
>> -    select CPU_V7_HAS_NONSEC if !TFABOOT
>>       select CPU_V7_HAS_VIRT
>>       select OF_BOARD_SETUP
>>       select PINCTRL_STM32
>> @@ -47,8 +47,8 @@ config STM32MP15x
>>       select STM32_SERIAL
>>       select SYS_ARCH_TIMER
>>       imply CMD_NVEDIT_INFO
>> -    imply SYSRESET_PSCI if TFABOOT
>>       help
>>           support of STMicroelectronics SOC STM32MP15x family
>>           STM32MP157, STM32MP153 or STM32MP151
>> @@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ config NR_DRAM_BANKS
> This is a terrible idea. We're trying to answer a few questions:
>    * Did the FSBL provide a PSCI secure monitor
>    * Is u-boot running in normal or secure world
> But instead of clearly defining those answers, we're trying to infer 
> them from other config options. This is confusing to start with, but 
> it's also wrong.
> For example, SPL_OPTEE_IMAGE means "we support OPTEE images in SPL". 
> It doesn't mean that we loaded an OP-TEE kernel at all. SPL with 
> SPL_OPTEE_IMAGE may as well boot a legacy uboot image -- nothing 
> prevents it. So to infer from this that u-boot runs in the normal 
> world is wrong.
> Without loss of generality, any CONFIG that conflates u-boot options 
> with SPL options is likely to cause some changes down the line.
I have a issue today with the generic part of ARM support:

1/ the PSCI is mandatory for Linux kernel

2/ the PSCI is provided by

      a) U-Boot when it is executed in secure world => 

      b) OP-TEE when U-Boot is running in normal world

I think today we can't handle it without CONFIG in U-Boot (for SMCC and 
PSCI support for example)

because the dynamic detection of execution level is not done in the 
generic armv7 code

for example:

/* Subcommand: GO */
static void boot_jump_linux(bootm_headers_t *images, int flag)


    if (!fake) {
         if (armv7_boot_nonsec()) {
                               0, machid, r2);
         } else
             kernel_entry(0, machid, r2);

I don't want change this generic part.

it is why I prefer select the U-Boot configuration at compilation time 
that dynamic detection of execution level ('get_cpsr()' is never used 
for armv7).

PS: it is partially done for armv8 with  "is_hyp()"

it is why assume that if SPL can load OP-TEE, the OP-TEE must load OPTEE 
to simplify the defconfig.

But I agree, I will remove this implicit rules in arch stm32mp

and let each defconfig handle the dependencies to avoid assumptions

Then you could use the same SPL for the 2 FITs /  the 2 U-Boot 
configuration by 2 defconfigs:

1) U-Boot running in secure world without OPTEE support => need to 
compile and install PSCI / kernel is start in non secure world

2) U-Boot running in normal world with OPTEE support/ PSCI client 
support / SCMI support / SMC / kernel is started at same execution level

>> So just introduce CONFIG_TFABOOT_FIP_CONTAINER don't solve all the 
>> issues....
>> I think you need to manage CONFIG_SPL_OPTEE_IMAGE
>> to handle specific case when OPTEE is running after SPL.
> Sure, but I'd have to adjust this at runtime, not in Kconfig for the 
> reasons above.
>> I try to experiment the OPTEE load by SPL but I don't see how the 
>> OP-TEE pager can be managed by SPL in the current code.
>> It must loaded in SYRAM at 0x2ffc0000, with a risk to overwrite the SPL
>> code loaded by rom code at 0x2ffc2500.
> This consideration is not unique to SPL. I don't have that problem 
> because SPL loads OP-TEE to DRAM at 0xde000000. If OP-TEE wants to 
> load parts of itself to SYSRAM, that happens after SPL passed control, 
> so the conflict is not relevant.
>> or how to manage several binary, see OP-TEE header v2 support in OP-TEE,
>> Several file it is already supported in TF-A BL2 with FIP:
>> tee-header_v2.bin
>> tee-pager_v2.bin
>> tee-pageable_v2.bin
> I don't know how to use use the OP-TEE pager with SPL, so I elected 
> not to:
>         CFG_WITH_PAGER=n \
>         CFG_TEE_CORE_DEBUG=y \
>         CFG_TEE_CORE_LOG_LEVEL=2 \
>         ${TZDRAM_FLAGS} \
>         "
>                 CFG_DRAM_SIZE=0x20000000 "

With pager (and v2 header) the pager code need to be loaded at the final 
location by FSBL in SYSRAM....

the relocation is not handle by OP-TEE, this load is handled already by 

For STM32MP15, only the SYSRAM can be really secured, as the external 
DDR can't be scrambled, it is why PAGER is recommended.

But to avoid the issue I also deactivate the pager for my test of SPL load.


> Alex

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