[PATCH 1/1 RFC] treewide: Deprecate OF_PRIOR_STAGE

Thomas Fitzsimmons fitzsim at fitzsim.org
Wed Oct 13 18:26:25 CEST 2021

Simon Glass <sjg at chromium.org> writes:


>> > I think one option is better than two. I have a slight preference for
>> > OF_PRIOR_STAGE because it is board-agnostic, but I'm not sure it
>> > matters, since some of these boards are doing strange things anyway
>> > and cannot use OF_PRIOR_STAGE. So let's go with this.
>> For now it's easier getting rid of OF_PRIOR_STAGE than OF_BOARD.
>> Once we unify OF_PRIOR_STAGE/OF_BOARD and OF_HOSTFILE, then
>> I can send a patch on top of that, which removes the board_fdt_blob_setup()
>> and just stores the address in a similar fashion to the removed
>> 'prior_stage_fdt_address'.  That way we can get rid of architecture
>> specific constructs wrt to DT in gd.  The callback is a bit more of a pain to
>> maintain for multiple boards but is more flexible than an address in a
>> register.  In any case we can do something along the lines of:
>> Check register (or blob list or whatever)
>> if (valid dtb)
>>     fixup/amend/use (depending on what we decide)
>> else
>>    arch specific callback
>> That should give us enough flexibility to deal with future boards (famous
>> last words).

This sounds like a good generalization that would still work for the
bcm7445 and bcm7260 boards.  I'll test this approach on the evaluation
boards I have.

For the BCM7445 I may be able to import the evaluation board device tree
that Broadcom publishes as part of stblinux.  At runtime I may need to
merge some of the in-memory items generated by BOLT, but I'll try to
make this work.

The BCM7260 DTS is not publicly available though, as far as I know.


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