i.MX LPDDR4 Firmware

Marcel Ziswiler marcel.ziswiler at toradex.com
Tue Oct 19 11:47:40 CEST 2021

Hi Heiko

On Mon, 2021-10-18 at 11:23 +0200, Heiko Thiery wrote:
> Hi all,
> I see that in the NXP firmware-imx package different versions of the
> LPDDR4 train firmware is included but I cannot find a Release Note or
> something else that describes the differences. Does anyone know what
> is the correct version to be used?

Doesn't it depend on which generation of MScale one is using?

Anyway, from NXP's user guide [1]:

For i.MX 8M Quad and i.MX 8M Mini LPDDR4 EVK, copy lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_dmem.bin,
lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_imem.bin, lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_dmem.bin, and lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_imem.bin from
firmware/ddr/synopsys of firmware-imx package to imx-mkimage/iMX8M/.

For i.MX 8M Mini DDR4 EVK, copy ddr4_imem_1d.bin, ddr4_dmem_1d.bin, ddr4_imem_2d.bin, and ddr4_dmem_2d.bin
from firmware/ddr/synopsys of firmware-imx package to imx-mkimage/iMX8M.

For i.MX 8M Plus LPDDR4 EVK, copy lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_dmem_201904.bin, lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_imem_201904.bin,
lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_dmem_201904.bin, and lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_imem_201904.bin from firmware/ddr/synopsys of
firmware-imx package to imx-mkimage/iMX8M/.

So their latest documentation does not even mention the later firmware available!

> Here is the content of the latest NXP release:
> lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_dmem_201904.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_dmem_202006.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_dmem.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_imem_201904.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_imem_202006.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_imem.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_dmem_201904.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_dmem_202006.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_dmem.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_imem_201904.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_imem_202006.bin
> lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_imem.bin

[1] https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/IMX_LINUX_USERS_GUIDE.pdf

> Thanks



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