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Matiukhin, Georgii georgii.matiukhin at
Tue Oct 19 13:31:49 CEST 2021

Hello. I would like to send my message to U-boot list.

Hi folks.

I am developing my own USB driver for RPI4 board and ran into a problem - the VL805 chip raises the HSE error when I'm trying to transfer it to the RUN state.
I configure all the registers of the hardware exactly as the u-boot does:
1) I set up the root complex of bcm2711 root complex;
2) I set up the config space for the root of the complex and VL805;
3) I set the outbound window in the root complex to the specified addresses;
4) I write to the operational registers in VL805 valid addresses of DMA buffers;
5) After all I turn on the RUN bit in the command register of VL805. Immediately after that, the HSE bit is turned on in the status register (host system error)
6) In the PCIe status registers of the root complex and VL805, I see the Target Abort bit set (PCIE status = 0x1010)

Now I adhere to the version that the abortion target appears due to the inability to complete the DMA transaction.
Probably, the root complex cannot access the memory, for example, due to the fact that the memory controller is prohibited from accepting requests from the root complex.
In other words, u-ot makes some additional settings that I can't see.

Hope someone can suggest some ideas on how to solve the problem.

Best regards,
Georgii Matiukhin
SW Engineer
Auriga, Inc.

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