[PATCH 1/3] buildman: Write output even on fatal error

Simon Glass sjg at chromium.org
Wed Oct 20 05:43:23 CEST 2021

At present buildman does not write any output (to the 'out' and 'err)
files if the build terminates with a fatal error. This is to avoid adding
lots of spam to the logs.

However there are times when this is actually useful, such as when the
build fails for an obscure reason such as a Kconfig loop.

Update the logic to always write the output, so that the user gets a clue
as to what is happening.

Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <sjg at chromium.org>

 tools/buildman/builderthread.py | 12 ++++++------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tools/buildman/builderthread.py b/tools/buildman/builderthread.py
index 48128cf6732..3e450e40670 100644
--- a/tools/buildman/builderthread.py
+++ b/tools/buildman/builderthread.py
@@ -300,16 +300,12 @@ class BuilderThread(threading.Thread):
             work_in_output: Use the output directory as the work directory and
                 don't write to a separate output directory.
-        # Fatal error
-        if result.return_code < 0:
-            return
         # If we think this might have been aborted with Ctrl-C, record the
         # failure but not that we are 'done' with this board. A retry may fix
         # it.
-        maybe_aborted =  result.stderr and 'No child processes' in result.stderr
+        maybe_aborted = result.stderr and 'No child processes' in result.stderr
-        if result.already_done:
+        if result.return_code >= 0 and result.already_done:
         # Write the output and stderr
@@ -332,6 +328,10 @@ class BuilderThread(threading.Thread):
         elif os.path.exists(errfile):
+        # Fatal error
+        if result.return_code < 0:
+            return
         if result.toolchain:
             # Write the build result and toolchain information.
             done_file = self.builder.GetDoneFile(result.commit_upto,

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