questions about mkimage and a good tutorial

Chan Kim ckim at
Thu Oct 21 04:13:59 CEST 2021

Hello all,


I'm learning about u-boot these days and have a basic question about

I saw in a pdf document (opdenacker ) this command.

mkimage -A arm -O linux -C none -T kernel \

-a 0x20008000 -e 0x20008000 \

-n "Linux-5.12.6" \

-d arch/arm/boot/zImage arch/arm/boot/uImage

1. It looks like I am supposed to run this command in the linux source
director not u-boot source directory. Is it correct?

2. And in linux, by running make uImage, I can make uImage under
arch/arm/boot/, buy why should we use this mkimage command?

  (I'm working on arm64 so I don't need uImage and I just run 'make Image')

3. I found I can install mkimage on ubuntu by 'sudo apt install
u-boot-tools' but also found mkimage is compiled under tools (in u-boot).

Then am I supposed to include the tools directory to PATH and use that


If anyone knows a good hands-on tutorial about u-boot (from kernel, initrd,
dtb build to u-boot build and use. hopefully for arm64. I'm hope for too
much..), please share it here.

Thank you!

Chan Kim

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