[PATCH v4 5/5] board: sl28: add update image documentation

Marcel Ziswiler marcel at ziswiler.com
Sat Oct 23 00:19:24 CEST 2021

From: Michael Walle <michael at walle.cc>

Document the update image and how to use the EFI UpdateCapsule.

Signed-off-by: Michael Walle <michael at walle.cc>
Signed-off-by: Marcel Ziswiler <marcel.ziswiler at toradex.com>


Changes in v4:
- Re-based on top of imx/master.

Changes in v3:
- none

Changes in v2:
- new patch

 doc/board/kontron/sl28.rst | 15 +++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 15 insertions(+)

diff --git a/doc/board/kontron/sl28.rst b/doc/board/kontron/sl28.rst
index 07431986d8f..c7b18bed10c 100644
--- a/doc/board/kontron/sl28.rst
+++ b/doc/board/kontron/sl28.rst
@@ -52,6 +52,21 @@ Disable the builtin watchdog
 - power-cycle the board
+Update image
+After the build finished, there will be an update image called
+u-boot.update. This can either be used in the DFU mode (which isn't
+supported yet) or encapsulated in an EFI UpdateCapsule.
+To build the capsule use the following command
+ $ tools/mkeficapsule -f u-boot.update -i 1 UpdateUboot
+Afterward you can copy this file to your ESP into the /EFI/UpdateCapsule/
+folder. On the next EFI boot this will automatically update your
 Useful I2C tricks

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