[PATCH u-boot-marvell 00/13] Yet another kwboot improvements

Marek Behún kabel at kernel.org
Mon Oct 25 15:12:51 CEST 2021

From: Marek Behún <marek.behun at nic.cz>

Hello Stefan,

these are another improvements for kwboot, please apply only after series
  arm: mvebu: nandpagesize support for kwbimage v1

The main improvement is in patch 5, which changes where we inject the code
for changing baudrate back to 115200 Baud after fast upload. Instead of
injecting it before the main data image, we now inject it after.

This is because there are some kwb images that upload at address 0, and
injecting the code before that doesn't work, since there is no RAM mapped
at 0xfffff000.

Marek & Pali

Pali Rohár (13):
  tools: kwboot: Initialize rfds to zero
  tools: kwboot: Fix initialization of tty device
  tools: kwboot: Reserve enough space for patching kwbimage in memory
  tools: kwboot: Validate 4-byte image data checksum
  tools: kwboot: Inject baudrate change back code after data part
  tools: kwboot: Recalculate 4-byte data checksum after injecting
    baudrate code
  tools: kwboot: Correctly set configuration of UART for BootROM
  tools: kwboot: Show verbose message when waiting for baudrate change
  tools: kwboot: Simplify code for aligning image header
  tools: kwboot: Do not modify kwbimage header before increasing its
  tools: kwboot: Calculate real used space in kwbimage header when
    calling kwboot_img_grow_hdr()
  tools: kwboot: Change retry loop from decreasing to increasing
  tools: kwboot: Resend first 3 xmodem retry packets immediately

 tools/kwboot.c | 178 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 1 file changed, 120 insertions(+), 58 deletions(-)


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