[Query - 5 Mins] Information on U-BOOT FIT Malloc changes

Alex G. mr.nuke.me at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 03:17:40 CEST 2021

On 10/25/21 6:55 PM, Spandan Mahadevegowda wrote:
> Hello Alexandru,
> I'm currently working on some POC on Pine64 that requires a Trusted 
> Execution Environment. I was using U-Boot 2020.10 with SPL_FIT_GENERATOR 
> and modified mksunxi_fit_atf.sh to accommodate OP-TEE. However, due to 
> new changes in OPTEE and ARM_TF, I was required to update the components 
> and as such had to change to the recent version of U-Boot.
> I see that from the 2021.01 release and later, all ARM64 devices 
> including sunxi boards were modified to use binman. I did the necessary 
> changes in the latest u-boot to use my tee.bin and generate the 
> u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin. However, when I run this on the board, I see 
> that the SPL throws the "alloc space exhausted", "Could not get FIT 
> buffer of 1694208 bytes" errors and I understand that this is due to the 
> change in how SPL now loads images from your commit 
> *03f1f78a9b44b5fd6fc09faf81639879d2d0f85f*. I am not very familiar with 
> FIT and DTB handling, could you guild me with some pointers on how I can 
> fix this?


> After debugging a little, I found that the BL31 (ARM-TF) does not find 
> any DTB to load BL33 (UBOOT) after the BL31->BL32->BL31 (ARM-TF-> OPTEE 
> -> ARM-TF) flow. In the Configuration, if I put "tee" as the first 
> loadable, the OPTEE loads and does its initialization and gives back 
> control to ARM-TF after which ARM-TF does not know where to find UBOOT. 
> But if I put uboot first under loadable, ARM-TF does not find OPTEE 
> (BL32). Any inputs from your end would greatly help me.
> Thank you for your time and consideration,
> -- 
> Best Regards,
> *Spandan Mahadevegowda*

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