an off-by-one error in dm_test_rtc_set_get()?

Bin Meng at
Wed Oct 27 06:43:38 CEST 2021

Hi Simon,

gitlab reported the following test error below:

=================================== FAILURES ===================================
__________________________ test_ut[ut_dm_rtc_set_get] __________________________
test/py/tests/ in test_ut
assert output.endswith('Failures: 0')
E AssertionError: assert False
E + where False = <built-in method endswith of str object at
0x7f3bb792dcb0>('Failures: 0')
E + where <built-in method endswith of str object at 0x7f3bb792dcb0> =
'Test: dm_test_rtc_set_get: rtc.c\r\r\nexpected: 27/10/2021
03:38:15\r\r\nactual: 27/10/2021 03:38:14\r\r\ntest/dm/rtc...w, &cmp,
1): Expected 0x0 (0), got 0xffffffea (-22)\r\r\nTest:
dm_test_rtc_set_get: rtc.c (flat tree)\r\r\nFailures: 1'.endswith
----------------------------- Captured stdout call -----------------------------


But the same branch same commit, azure test results passed:

It looks like the error is an off-by-one where actual time is 1 second
behind the expected time?

expected: 27/10/2021 03:38:15
actual: 27/10/2021 03:38:14

Is this a known issue?


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