[PATCH 05/16] arm: qemu: Add a devicetree file for qemu_arm64

Alex Bennée alex.bennee at linaro.org
Wed Oct 27 16:44:08 CEST 2021

François Ozog <francois.ozog at linaro.org> writes:

> Hi Simon
> The only place I could agree with this file presence is in the documentation directory, not in dts. It creates a mental picture  for the reader
> an entirely bad mind scheme around Qemu and DT.
> And even in a documentation directory I would place a bug warning: don’t use this with any kernel , Qemu generates a DT dynamically
> based on cpu, memory and devices specified at the command line.

Certainly for the arm, aarch64 and riscv "virt" machines you should
always use the QEMU generated DTB. I'm not entirely clear what a
qemu_arm and qemu_arm64 def targets are meant to be in this context.

Alex Bennée

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