[PATCH v3 4/4] arm: dts: k3-am64: Sync DT with Linux v6.5-rc1

Roger Quadros rogerq at kernel.org
Thu Aug 3 14:59:48 CEST 2023

On 03/08/2023 00:37, Nishanth Menon wrote:
> On 20:18-20230802, Roger Quadros wrote:
>> Sync all am642-evm/am642-sk related DT files
>> with Linux v6.5-rc1.
>> - drop timer1 in favor of main_timer0 in am64-main.dtsi.
>> Need to delete clock & power domain properties of
>> main_timer1 in -r5.dts else won't boot. This is because
>> timer_init is done during rproc_start to start System Firmware,
>> but we can't do any clock/power-domain operations before
>> System Firmware starts.
> if that is the argument for main_uart0 and main_i2c0 main_gpio0 etc.
> - please document in the r5.dts as well as to why we are
> /delete-property/ power-domains. I think we feed in boardconfig etc by
> the time we get around to this, correct? if not, we might need to state
> that information - that without boardconfig being fed to the sysfw pm
> functions are'nt active.

I got rid of /delete-property/ for main_i2c0 and main_gpio0 and
didn't see any ill effects. So will drop them from there.
Looks like we need to have it only for main_uart0 and main_timer0.
I'll add a comment for main_uart0.


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