[PATCH 00/28] moveconfig: Drop old code and tidy up

Simon Glass sjg at chromium.org
Thu Aug 10 18:31:32 CEST 2023

This tool is designed to move CONFIG options to Kconfig. Since this task
is complete, some of its functionality is no-longer needed.

This series drops the old code and tidies up some pylint errors.

It also improves the output by only displaying failures and providing a
summary at the end.

Finally, the tool is given a new name.

Future work may provide a way to integrate the search functionality with
buildman, to permit building boards with a a particular combination of
CONFIG options.

Simon Glass (28):
  moveconfig: Drop -C option
  moveconfig: Drop -H option
  moveconfig: Avoid deprecation warning for setDaemon
  moveconfig: Correct ordering of asteval import
  moveconfig: Drop unused cleanup options
  moveconfig: Drop CONFIG-moving code
  moveconfig: Drop check_defconfig() and update_dotconfig()
  moveconfig: Drop suspicious boards
  moveconfig: Correct some regular-expression strings
  moveconfig: Correct parameter-type warnings
  moveconfig: Use f strings where possible
  moveconfig: Correct unused variables
  moveconfig: Correct non-snake variables names
  moveconfig: Correct use of members not declared in __init__()
  moveconfig: Correct list-comprehension warnings
  moveconfig: Use an encoding with open()
  moveconfig: Fix misc pylint warnings
  moveconfig: Only show output when there is a reason
  moveconfig: Reduce the amount of output
  moveconfig: Avoid showing progress at the end
  moveconfig: Use u_boot_pylib for terminal colour
  moveconfig: Show failures in progress
  moveconfig: Show a summary at the end
  moveconfig: Drop the initial output
  moveconfig: Move summaries to the end
  moveconfig: Rename the tool to qconfig
  qconfig: Rename the database file
  qconfig: Update the documentation

 .gitignore                                  |   4 +-
 doc/develop/index.rst                       |   2 +-
 doc/develop/{moveconfig.rst => qconfig.rst} | 148 +---
 tools/{moveconfig.py => qconfig.py}         | 910 +++++---------------
 4 files changed, 264 insertions(+), 800 deletions(-)
 rename doc/develop/{moveconfig.rst => qconfig.rst} (60%)
 rename tools/{moveconfig.py => qconfig.py} (64%)


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