Aw: Re: [PATCH v1] board: rockchip: Add Bananapi R2Pro Board

Frank Wunderlich frank-w at
Sat Aug 12 10:44:29 CEST 2023


> Gesendet: Samstag, 12. August 2023 um 03:50 Uhr
> Von: "Kever Yang" <kever.yang at>
> An: "Frank Wunderlich" <linux at>, u-boot at
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> Betreff: Re: [PATCH v1] board: rockchip: Add Bananapi R2Pro Board
> Hi Frank,
> On 2023/8/8 01:14, Frank Wunderlich wrote:
> > From: Frank Wunderlich <frank-w at>
> >
> > Add rk3568 based Bananapi R2 Pro board.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Frank Wunderlich <frank-w at>
> > ---
> > because iodomain is different to evb and now iodomain driver is sent as
> > patch we need to separate between EVB and R2Pro else board can be bricked.
> What's the detail difference before and after the iodomain driver for 
> this board?
> > ---
> >   arch/arm/dts/Makefile                     |   3 +-
> >   arch/arm/dts/rk3568-bpi-r2pro-u-boot.dtsi |  23 +
> >   arch/arm/dts/rk3568-bpi-r2pro.dts         | 597 ++++++++++++++++++++++
>      Does this dts already available in mainline kernel, if yes, please 
> add info in commit message.


should i really add this link to commit description?

i tried to leave dts compatible with linux dts and only added relevant parts, but switch-driver works differently in 
uboot so i dropped it in v2 (and plan to disable gmac in v3). have not yet tried ethernet. only bootup, usb and sata 
(mmc is same as evb).

as u-boot doesn't care iodomain till jonas patches i have used evb devicetree/defconfig, but if this gets activated 
and users do not recognize this they brick their board. So imho this should be added before iodomain gets enabled in 
evb defconfig.

> Thanks,
> - Kever

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