[PATCH 1/3] sunxi: psci: clean away preprocessor macros

Sam Edwards cfsworks at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 20:10:25 CEST 2023

Hi Andre,

On 8/14/23 10:37, Andre Przywara wrote:
> So I think we can get rid of this:
> - GEN_H6 never compiles this code here, as both H6 and H616 are arm64.


> - We can define SUNXI_PRCM_BASE for NCAT2, I believe Samuel once
> mentioned that the D1/T113 does have such a block, actually.

Will you be taking care of this in v2 of your T113s series, or should I 
be adding it (in which case I'll need to know the location of the block)?

> - The non-existing cpu_pwr_clamp member should go away when you switch to
> a BASE_ADDR + REG_OFFSET approach, I think.

Less easy, but still can do.

> Shouldn't that be the opposite? In the existing code, sun6i and H3 DO
> program the clamp (see the "-" section above).

And sun7i and R40, as well. It appears I simply read the #if 
defined(...) mess backwards. I'll fix that for v2. As a bonus, this 
lends itself to a rather nice refactoring of sunxi_cpu_set_power() where 
I can have the if block only determine the pwroff/clamp addresses, and 
have a single tail-call to sunxi_power_switch() at the bottom. Since the 
latter function is so simple, I may as well just inline it into 
sunxi_cpu_set_power() (which I suspect might be more readable).

> Cheers,
> Andre


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