[PATCH 1/5] drivers: security: Add security devices to driver model

Simon Glass sjg at chromium.org
Thu Aug 17 15:41:41 CEST 2023

Hi Sean,

On Fri, 11 Aug 2023 at 18:28, <seanedmond at linux.microsoft.com> wrote:
> From: Stephen Carlson <stcarlso at linux.microsoft.com>
> Security devices currently implement operations to store an OS
> anti-rollback monotonic counter. Existing devices such as the Trusted
> Platform Module (TPM) already support this operation, but this uclass
> provides abstraction for current and future devices that may support
> different features.
> - New Driver Model uclass UCLASS_SECURITY.
> - New config CONFIG_DM_SECURITY to enable security device support.
> - New driver sandbox_security matching "security,sandbox", enabled with

How about calling this UCLASS_ROLLBACK and implementing that function?

Then you can add this device as a child of a TPM and the TPM can
implement the API.


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