[PATCH 1/2] net: ti: am65-cpsw-nuss: Workaround for buggy PHY/Board

Siddharth Vadapalli s-vadapalli at ti.com
Wed Aug 23 10:02:27 CEST 2023

On 23/08/23 13:22, Roger Quadros wrote:
> Hi Siddharth,
> On 23/08/2023 07:35, Siddharth Vadapalli wrote:
>> Roger,
>> On 22/08/23 17:43, Roger Quadros wrote:
>>> Beagleplay has a buggy Ethernet PHY implementation for the Gigabit
>>> PHY in the sense that it is non responsive over MDIO immediately
>>> after power-up/reset.
>>> We need to either try multiple times or wait sufficiently long enough
>>> (couple of 10s of ms?) before the PHY begins to respond correctly.
>> Based on the datasheet at:
>> https://datasheet.lcsc.com/lcsc/1912111437_Realtek-Semicon-RTL8211F-CG_C187932.pdf
>> in the section 7.17. PHY Reset (Hardware Reset), it is stated that
>> software has to wait for at least 50 ms before accessing the PHY
>> registers. Is this why the for-loop in the code below tries for at most
>> 5 times with a delay of 10 ms before the next try? If yes, then isn't it
> Good catch. This might be the reason why PHY is not responding in the first
> few attempts.
>> better to move the delay into the realtek PHY driver at
>> drivers/net/phy/realtek.c
> We are currently at the MDIO bus driver where we don't even know what PHY
> is on the bus. So this delay cannot come at the realtec PHY driver.
> It has to come at the MDIO bus driver level.

Thank you for clarifying.

>> Shouldn't it be the PHY driver which ensures that any reads/writes to the PHY
>> registers are valid? It can ensure this by having a one time 50ms delay for the
>> very first access to the PHY registers.> 




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