[PATCH 0/6] Attempt to enforce standard extensions for build output

Neha Malcom Francis n-francis at ti.com
Thu Aug 24 14:26:15 CEST 2023

Hi Simon

+ Vignesh, Nishanth to comment on this as well

On 24/08/23 08:32, Simon Glass wrote:
> In this early stage of using binman to produce output files, we are mostly
> seeing people using common extensions such as '.bin' and '.rom'


> The fact that the .pem files are at the top level means that they are
> output images, which surely is not intended. They should be buried in the
> image description, at a lower level, as part of something else.
> So please take a loke at the above and see if the binman descriptions can
> be reworked slightly to follow these new rules.

I think this can work... but few concerns.

1. Our output binaries also include <image>.bin_unsigned, would extensions that 
aren't "standard" be added to the list if they are truly output binaries? If 
not, changing names for them may be a long stretch (pinging Vignesh and Nishanth 
to comment here).

2. Can it be an option to not enforce this, to support users that may make use 
of the intermediate binaries?

Also if we do move forward with this, we will need to sync to make sure that the 
changes to the affected boards come through as well.

Thanking You
Neha Malcom Francis

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