[PATCH v1] CI: Add jsonschema python module

Andrejs Cainikovs andrejs.cainikovs at toradex.com
Tue Aug 29 17:37:35 CEST 2023

On 29/08/2023 17:04, Tom Rini wrote:
> Interesting.  How exactly are you using these CI images? We have
> tools/buildman/requirements.txt now to cover the newly-added modules in
> CI, as we call pip on that.  But, it's not being used in the prepopulate
> the pip cache stage in the Dockerfile.  And, I'm not immune to the idea
> that we should instead be installing the distro package here.

I see in Dockerfile test/py/requirements.txt and
doc/sphinx/requirements.txt, but not tools/buildman/requirements.txt, so
whatever is mentioned there is not part of the image on CI runners.

Following is the part of *our own* .gitlab.yml file,
which uses a public Docker image
(docker.io/trini/u-boot-gitlab-ci-runner:jammy-20230624-20Jul2023, as of

  stage: build
  script: |
    tools/buildman/buildman -o /tmp -P -E "verdin-am62" -M

And this is how it fails in our CI without this change:

Building current source for 3 boards (3 threads, 14 jobs per thread)
       arm:  +   verdin-am62_r5
+binman: Unknown entry type 'ti-board-config' in node
'/binman/board-cfg/ti-board-config' (expected etype/ti_board_config.py,
error 'No module named 'jsonschema''
+make[1]: *** [Makefile:1108: .binman_stamp] Error 1
+make: *** [Makefile:177: sub-make] Error 2

Best regards,
Andrejs Cainikovs

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