[PATCH v1 1/1] arch/arm/dts/zynqmp-sck-kr-g-revB.dts: add output-enable pins

Frager, Neal neal.frager at amd.com
Thu Aug 31 15:30:25 CEST 2023

Hi Michal,

> Hi Neal,

> regarding subject.

> arm64: zynqmp: Add output-enable pins for kr260-revB

> should be better option.

Ok, no problem.

> Now that the zynqmp pinctrl driver supports the tri-state registers, 
> this patch

> remove "this patch"


> makes sure that the pins requiring output-enable are configured 
> appropriately for the KR260 Starter Kit.
> Without this patch, the USB to SD card bridge on the KR260 starter kit 
> is not enabled correctly when booting via SPL.  This causes u-boot to 
> fail to detect the SD card interface.

> SPL connection is misleading because pins are configured as the part of pinctrl interface which SPL is not using or calling.
> SPL in this config is just using QSPI which is already configured properly.
> On KR260 SD card is connected via USB to SD convertor that's why pinctrl set usb pins up. By correctly setting up usb pins you get also SD working.

Yes, you are correct.  I had SPL in mind because this is not an issue when running the FSBL because the FSBL configures these tri-state registers.

You are correct that with this context, my comments are misleading.

> The patch itself is working fine.
> Actually the same issues are there for kv260 boards and also kr260-revA. I think we should fix all of them at once.
> I did it for kv260 revB.
> Do you want to do it? Or is it fine if we look and test others and provide v2 version of your patch?

I believe it would be better to go in and patch all of the zynqmp dts files all at once.  Please go ahead with a v2 that covers all the boards, if others have the time.

I only patched the kr260 because it is a more serious issue for the kr260 since the board cannot boot from SD card without this patch.

> Thanks,
> Michal

Best regards,
Neal Frager

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