Docs for RISC-V

Simon Glass sjg at
Thu Feb 2 18:25:36 CET 2023


On Thu, 2 Feb 2023 at 10:18, Simon Glass <sjg at> wrote:
> Hi Rick & Leo,
> I see docs for one board at [1] but I'm not sure what to do with unleashed.
> It seems to need a 'genimage' tool, going on what I see in CI.
> Could you adjust it to use binman to output an image suitable for
> writing to an SD card in a single 'dd' step, as Rockchip does?
> Also, how about adding a RISC-V section here?

Also I notice that this is incorrect:

since 'make PLATFORM=generic' gives errors. I think it needs CROSS_COMPILE

One other thing...binman output is this:

binman: Filename 'fw_dynamic.bin' not found in input path (...)

You should add something to tools/binman/missing-blob-help so that it
tells the user where to find the blob.

Thanks again,

> Thanks,
> Simon
> [1]

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