[PATCH 1/5] mtd/spinand: rework detect procedure for different READ_ID operation

Frieder Schrempf frieder.schrempf at kontron.de
Thu Feb 9 10:24:47 CET 2023


On 10.01.23 12:58, Frieder Schrempf wrote:
> From: Mikhail Kshevetskiy <mikhail.kshevetskiy at iopsys.eu>
> Currently there are 3 different variants of read_id implementation:
> 1. opcode only. Found in GD5FxGQ4xF.
> 2. opcode + 1 addr byte. Found in GD5GxGQ4xA/E
> 3. opcode + 1 dummy byte. Found in other currently supported chips.
> Original implementation was for variant 1 and let detect function
> of chips with variant 2 and 3 to ignore the first byte. This isn't
> robust:
> 1. For chips of variant 2, if SPI master doesn't keep MOSI low
> during read, chip will get a random id offset, and the entire id
> buffer will shift by that offset, causing detect failure.
> 2. For chips of variant 1, if it happens to get a devid that equals
> to manufacture id of variant 2 or 3 chips, it'll get incorrectly
> detected.
> This patch reworks detect procedure to address problems above. New
> logic do detection for all variants separatedly, in 1-2-3 order.
> Since all current detect methods do exactly the same id matching
> procedure, unify them into core.c and remove detect method from
> manufacture_ops.
> This is a rework of Chuanhong Guo <gch981213 at gmail.com> patch
> submitted to linux kernel
> Signed-off-by: Mikhail Kshevetskiy <mikhail.kshevetskiy at iopsys.eu>
> Signed-off-by: Frieder Schrempf <frieder.schrempf at kontron.de>

+Cc: Jagan, Tom

Who is supposed to pick up these patches? Some of them have been around
for some months (before I resent them).

There is no maintainer for drivers/mtd/spinand/ and no maintainer for
drivers/mtd/ in general.

In Patchwork Jagan got assigned, but the get_maintainer.pl script didn't
even add him to Cc, of course.

Any ideas how to proceed?


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