Dependency issue on SPL_MXC_OCOTP

Jean-Marie Lemetayer jeanmarie.lemetayer at
Sat Feb 11 11:18:19 CET 2023

TLDR: In the configuration SPL_MXC_OCOTP, the dependency on SPL_MISC
should be replaced by SPL_DRIVERS_MISC.

Hi folks,

I was creating a new imx6 board with an SPL and without enabling the
"driver model for SPL" to keep a pretty simple SPL.

Then I wanted to enable the secure boot, and so the IMX_HAB option,
which needs at compile time the "fuse_read" function.

This function is provided by the "mxc_ocotp" driver (in the misc
section). This driver is totally not "driver model" oriented. It can
be enabled for regular builds and SPL builds using the (SPL_)MXC_OCOTP

For the regular build, MXC_OCOTP does not have any dependency (except
for the arch dependency), so no DM dependency here. But for the SPL
build, the SPL_MXC_OCOTP needs the SPL_MISC option which is directly
linked to the SPL_DM option.

I think this is just a typo and this should be only dependent on the
"support of misc drivers in the SPL" so the SPL_DRIVERS_MISC option.

Am I right ? If someone confirms this point, I will propose a patch.

Best regards,

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