imx8mp EQOS regression in dwc_eth_qos,c

Elmar Psilog epsi at
Mon Feb 13 22:02:03 CET 2023

Think I found a regression in EQOS driver with fixed-phy. Maybe someone
with a imx8mp board might check that use case to confirm? That would be
While ethernet was working in v2022.04 a "ping" in v2023.01 returns

ERROR: no/invalid <fixed-link> property!
invalid speed 0 eqos_adjust_link() failed: -22 FAILED

although devicetree/hardware kept unchanged.
This happens because in file fixed.c in in function fixedphy_config()
the call

         val = ofnode_read_u32_default(node, "speed", 0);

returns 0 instead of 1000 and also the duplex is not set. Found that  in
file/function dwc_eth_qos.c / eqos_start() the line

eqos->phy->node = eqos->phy_of_node;

is responsible for losing the information. Don't know what magic happens
here - so I can't fix it - I just followed the data. So all works well
and even the parsing of old and new fixed-link devicetree works til that
line. After that I don't get speed anymore. Maybe you can have a look at

Thank you and best regards,

DTS should be correct
&eqos {
   pinctrl-names = "default";
   pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_eqos>;
   phy-mode = "rgmii-id";
   status = "okay";

   // fixed-link = <0 1 1000 0 0>; // old - just for test
   fixed-link {
     speed = <1000>;

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