[PATCH RFC u-boot-mvebu 00/59] arm: mvebu: Various fixes

Martin Rowe martin.p.rowe at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 02:18:26 CET 2023

> When generating this patch, use git options -M, -C and
> --find-copies-harder. It will detect that you created this file as copy
> from other file and generate better diff.

Will do.

This thread has gotten quite long! I've:
 - tested all the boot modes and bubt update types
 - created the SPI defconfig,
 - fixed the eMMC detection by enabling MMC_BROKEN_CD
 - taken a look at the kwbimage documentation, but I don't think I can
be of much help there
I'm also able to help test any new changes for the MMC boot flow. Is
there anything else that I've missed that I can help with while I've
got it all setup?


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