[PATCH 0/4] Enable gigadevice and add new part #s

Michal Simek michal.simek at amd.com
Fri Jan 6 08:14:36 CET 2023

On 1/5/23 20:47, Vlim wrote:
>> Regarding the location of the entry, I believe you want me to add the entry in
>> the alphabetical order?
> Not really. I want to you follow Kconfig layout which is what make savedefconfig
> && cp defconfig configs/<defconfig> is for.
> Can you be more specific on this requirement?
> I believe this is pertaining to the defconfig files.
> Where is the correct line to insert the following entry?

Again. Just enable that option and run for example
make xilinx_zynqmp_virt_defconfig

make savedefconfig
cp defconfig configs/xilinx_zynqmp_virt_defconfig
git commit -a -s

And that's it. Your symbol will be added to proper location.


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