[regression] 2023.01 breaks u-boot-initial-env for aarch64

Otavio Salvador otavio.salvador at ossystems.com.br
Sat Jan 7 01:44:27 CET 2023


When using v2023.01-rc4-49-g582e3c9fb23 for aarch64
(technically imx8mm-lpddr4-evk) I get following error:

| /bin/false)
|   cat u-boot-nodtb.bin dts/dt.dtb > u-boot-dtb.bin
|   cp u-boot-dtb.bin u-boot.bin
|   aarch64-oel-linux-objcopy --dump-section
.rodata.default_environment=u-boot-initial-env env/common.o; sed --in-place
-e 's/\x00/\x0A/g' u-boot-initial-env; sed --in-place -e '/^\s*$/d'
u-boot-initial-env; sort --field-separator== -k1,1 --stable
u-boot-initial-env -o u-boot-initial-env
| aarch64-oel-linux-objcopy: env/common.o: can't dump section
'.rodata.default_environment' - it does not exist: file format not
| sed: can't read u-boot-initial-env: No such file or directory

The very same works just fine with 2022.10 it works. I didn't investigate
more yet.

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