reset-loop on Odroid U2: cros-ec communications failure

Joost van Zwieten joost at
Mon Jan 9 10:11:03 CET 2023

Dear maintainers,

U-Boot on my Odroid U2 fails to initialize as of commit 
e44d7e73fe0d649693d8d0a110cd7632bc919273 (introduced after v2022.10). I 
get the following output:

    U-Boot 2022.10-00565-ge44d7e73fe-dirty (Jan 09 2023 - 01:04:19 

    CPU: Exynos4412 @ 1 GHz
    Model: Odroid based on Exynos4412
    Type: u3
    DRAM: 2 GiB
    Core: 101 devices, 12 uclasses, devicetree: separate
    LDO20 at VDDQ_EMMC_1.8V: set 1800000 uV; enabling
    LDO22 at VDDQ_EMMC_2.8V: set 2800000 uV; enabling
    LDO21 at TFLASH_2.8V: set 2800000 uV; enabling
    Loading Environment from MMC... *** Warning - bad CRC, using 
default environment

    cros-ec communications failure -96

    Please reset with Power+Refresh

    Cannot init cros-ec device
    resetting ...

This repeats indefinitely. I'm building U-Boot using the default config 
for board `odroid` and boot the Odroid from an SD card with firmware 
(`bl1`, `bl2` and `tzsw`) from Hardkernel's clone of the u-boot 
repository [1]. There are no peripherals connected apart from the SD 
card and the serial console. Please let me know if you need more 

Best, Joost


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