u-boot: signature check for u-boot scripts

Heiko Schocher hs at denx.de
Wed Jan 11 07:13:39 CET 2023

Hello Sean,

Thanks for your answer!

On 10.01.23 17:27, Sean Anderson wrote:
> On 1/10/23 08:18, Heiko Schocher wrote:
>> Hello Simon,
>> While writting this email ... in [3] the line
>>  require = "conf"
>> poped into my eyes .... and in fit_image_verify_required_sigs() there is check:
>>                 if (!required || strcmp(required, "image"))
>>                         continue;
>> and yes! changing in [3]
>> -required = "conf";
>> +required = "image";
>> makes sourcing the signed script working (error in case of no
>> signature or wrong signature)! ... but booting the signed fitimage
>> now breaks ... so it seems, I cannot use configuration signing with
>> images signing ?
>> I tried to add two key nodes in signature node of u-boot dtb ... one with
>> require = "conf" and one with require = "image" ... but no luck...
>> Also adding a configurations section to scripts its file did not helped
>> (which will not prevent the problem sourcing a not signed script)
> As you discovered, you must either have required = "image", in which case
>     source :
> will be secure. Otherwise, you must use
>     source \#
> Any other way is not secure.

My "hack" checks a configuration signature in fitimage with script in it...
so also "secure" ...

BTW: why we need a env variable to enable checking in cmd/source.c?
     I would say, if verify fit images is enabled we always should check
     signature ... but this is another question...

So I tried your suggestion:

=> tftp 100000 script.bin.signed;setenv verify 1;source \#100000
Speed: 1000, full duplex
Using ethernet at 24000 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'script.bin.signed'.
Load address: 0x100000
Loading: #
         233.4 KiB/s
Bytes transferred = 1679 (68f hex)
## Executing script at 00000000
Wrong image format for "source" command

same for

=> source \#100000:script-1
## Executing script at 00000000
Wrong image format for "source" command

Which is the error message from the switch in image_source_script()
from cmd/source.c ...

(check if fitimage "is okay"):
=> source 100000
## Executing script at 00100000
sha256+ sha256,rsa2048:dev+ Hallo from script
=> source 100000:script-1
## Executing script at 00100000
sha256+ sha256,rsa2048:dev+ Hallo from script
=> source 100000:script-2
## Executing script at 00100000
Can't find 'script-2' FIT subimage

and changing hash in fitimages signature leads to:
=> mw 1001c0 0 1
=> source 100000:script-1
## Executing script at 00100000
sha256+ sha256,rsa2048:dev- Hallo from script

As I described ... problem "hash is detected, but script is executed",
as public key in u-boots dtb has required = "conf"; (as it is used also
for fitimage boot, where we use conf signing)

May you have an example (u-boot.dtb, its and complete working command
for a signed fitimage script)?

The main problem is (I think) that we check for fitimages which are
used for booting kernels, a "signed configuration" and in fitimage for scripts
only "image" signatures ... and a combination of both is not possible
(except I also sign the image nodes in kernel fitimage too ... which
than leads in checking configuration signature and image signature on
boot... but may a way to go (and disabling hash check) ?

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