[PATCH v2 0/3] xilinx: board: Improve legacy format handling

Michal Simek michal.simek at amd.com
Tue Jan 24 16:19:25 CET 2023


fix and improve legacy format handling to cover cases where eeprom content
is corrupted and random. Very likely detection algorithm can be improved -
for example check that mac address is valid, check all strings, etc. but
the aim of this series is to remove all non printable chars without mac
address and never copy more bytes than expected.


Changes in v2:
- Add +1 for strlcpy because only size -1 is used compare to strncpy.

Michal Simek (3):
  xilinx: board: Use ETH_ALEN macro for mac address size
  xilinx: board: Fix xilinx_eeprom_legacy_cleanup()
  xilinx: board: Update logic in xilinx_read_eeprom_legacy

 board/xilinx/common/board.c | 34 +++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 1 file changed, 21 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)


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