[RFC/PATCH] lib/Kconfig: Enable OF_LIBFDT_OVERLAY by default when FIT is enabled

Marek Vasut marex at denx.de
Sun Jan 29 17:43:12 CET 2023

On 1/29/23 17:30, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
> FIT image support is commonly used to bundle a kernel image, a device
> tree, and device tree overlays. Applying overlays requires the
> OF_LIBFDT_OVERLAY config option to be set, which lots of boards fail to
> select, most likely because developers never noticed. This leads to an
> error when trying to apply overlays:
> "config with overlays but CONFIG_OF_LIBFDT_OVERLAY not set"
> TI ARM boards select the option by default. Extend this to all systems
> that select the FIT option. This only affects the default, overlay
> support can still be disabled manually in the configuration.
> Signed-off-by: Laurent Pinchart <laurent.pinchart at ideasonboard.com>
> ---
> I'm posting this as an RFC to get feedback. If the idea is generally
> appreciated, I'll update the defconfig files accordingly.

For i.MX, R-Car2/3, STM32MP1xx , this could be enabled just fine.

Enabling it for all fitImage systems sounds even better however, and the 
few which do not need DTO could disable this in board defconfig instead, 
I suspect there are fewer of those.

> ---
>   lib/Kconfig | 2 +-
>   1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
> diff --git a/lib/Kconfig b/lib/Kconfig
> index 549bd3577851..d309ccf83c03 100644
> --- a/lib/Kconfig
> +++ b/lib/Kconfig
> @@ -823,7 +823,7 @@ config OF_LIBFDT_ASSUME_MASK
>   	bool "Enable the FDT library overlay support"
>   	depends on OF_LIBFDT
> -	default y if ARCH_OMAP2PLUS || ARCH_KEYSTONE
> +	default y if FIT

Reviewed-by: Marek Vasut <marex at denx.de>

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