[PATCH 3/5] usb: dwc3-generic: Add dependency on SIMPLE_BUS

Kunihiko Hayashi hayashi.kunihiko at socionext.com
Mon Jan 30 06:52:05 CET 2023

Hi Marek,

Sorry for late reply.
I was stuck in some pitfalls.

On 2023/01/25 22:03, Marek Vasut wrote:
> On 1/25/23 09:40, Kunihiko Hayashi wrote:
>> Hi Marek,
> Hello Hayashi-san,
> [...]
>>> The idea is that the dwc3-generic.c (or dwc3-uniphier.c , placement does
>>> not really matter) binds to "socionext,uniphier-pxs3-dwc3-glue"
>>> compatible first.
>>> Then, the dwc3_glue_ops is extended with a new callback
>>> glue_get_ctrl_dev, which returns the pointer to controller DT node (the
>>> node compatible with "socionext,uniphier-dwc3"). This is used in
>>> dwc3_glue_bind(), which either uses the current implementation with a
>>> loop over all subnodes and tries to find the controller subnode, OR,
>>> calls the glue_get_ctrl_dev callback, obtains controller device node
>>> pointer that way, and runs the inner loop of dwc3_glue_bind() (now
>>> dwc3_glue_bind_common()) only on that pointer.
>> I understand your patch adds trying to call "glue_get_ctrl_dev" to get
>> controller device node before finding subnode,
> Yes. Feel free to adjust the patch so it fits uniphier better of course.
>>> In either case, the dwc3-generic driver is bound to the controller. You
>>> might need to re-use this trick in dwc3_glue_probe() too.
>>> This should allow you to get rid of the custom DT node too.
>>> Does this work ?
>> I'll try this soon.
> Thank you !

I've successfully enabled the regular usb node using your suggested
patch [1] and your earlier submitted patch [2].

   - Change 2nd argument type from "udevice *" to "ofnode"
     because glue_get_ctrl_dev() can give only "ofnode" structure from
     the device node.
   - Move soc-dependent stuffs to dwc3-uniphier.c.

[2] https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/uboot/patch/20221215223822.137739-1-marex@denx.de/
   - correspond to "for top level generic node with no subnode"

However, the uniphier usb3 glue node has more child nodes (not for
the controller), so I need to add more patches to enable more clocks
that the child nodes have.

I should send new patches as v2 series, though, how do you treat
your patches [1] and [2]?

Thank you,

Best Regards
Kunihiko Hayashi

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