[PATCH v3 0/1] introduce .editorconfig

Dzmitry Sankouski dsankouski at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 16:33:47 CET 2023

Current process of sending patches includes running checkpatch.pl
script for each patch, and fixing found style problems.
Editorconfig may help to prevent some style related problems
(like spaces vs tab indentation) on the fly.

Changes in v3:
- add 'the' article in docs
- fix spacing
- add sign off tag

Changes in v2:
- add section in coding style rst doc
- unify Kconfig with other files

Dzmitry Sankouski (1):
  editorconfig: introduce .editorconfig

 .editorconfig               | 15 +++++++++++++++
 .gitignore                  |  1 +
 doc/develop/codingstyle.rst |  4 ++++
 3 files changed, 20 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 .editorconfig


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