[PATCH v5 00/44] More tidy-ups of Kconfig options

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Sat Mar 4 00:43:22 CET 2023

On Wed, Feb 22, 2023 at 09:33:41AM -0700, Simon Glass wrote:

> This series was split out of the old 'split config' splc series. It
> contains clean-up patches which do not depend on split config.
> This is available at u-boot-dm/spld-working
> The size changes look pretty good: https://paste.debian.net/1271742/
> The remaining patches will move into a new 'splg' series (G for Good).
> [1] https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/uboot/list/?series=341504&state=*
> Changes in v5:
> - Fix reply typo
> - Change approach and expand notes after more investigation
> - Drop FSL_ISBC_KEY_EXT patch as it changes the size
> - Drop PHY_CADENCE_SIERRA patch as it changes the size
> Changes in v4:
> - Avoid use of def_bool
> - Modify to get rid of def_bool
> - Adjust Kconfig ordering
> - Just fix the typo
> - Reduce and rename commit
> - Reduce and rename commit
> - Fix 'wanderboard' typo
> - Reduce and rename commit
> Changes in v3:
> - Add new patch to disable QFW bootmeth in SPL
> - Move the option down to the non-SPL part of drivers/Makefile
> - Correct 'VPL' typo
> - Use a consistent format for the comment
> - Fix a transitory build error with sandbox_spl
> - Add a new patch to disallow commands in SPL
> Changes in v2:
> - Rebase to previous series
> Simon Glass (44):
>   mtd: Drop unused kb9202_nand driver
>   mtd: Drop unused CONFIG_ONENAND_U_BOOT
>   sh4: Drop unused twl6030 driver
>   moveconfig: Update to detect / correct missing SPL Kconfigs
>   bootstd: Disable QFW bootmeth in SPL
>   Correct SPL uses of ARCH_MVEBU
>   Correct SPL uses of DISPLAY_AER_FULL
>   Correct SPL uses of MULTIPLEXER
>   Correct SPL uses of PHY_FIXED
>   boot: Add Kconfigs for BOOTMETH_VBE_REQUEST
>   Correct SPL use of DM_RNG
>   lib: Add a Kconfig for SPL_BZIP2
>   moveconfig: Various minor improvements
>   sandbox: Expand size for VPL image
>   event: Add Kconfig options for SPL
>   bootstd: Correct 'VPL' typo
>   env: Avoid checking ENV_IS_IN when env disabled
>   env: Allow VPL environment to be nowhere
>   lib: Add VPL options for SHA1 and SHA256
>   x86: Use string functions for all 32-bit builds
>   lib: Fix build condition for tiny-printf
>   sandbox: Tidy up RTC options
>   sandbox: Use the generic VPL option to enable VPL
>   sandbox: Tidy up I2C options
>   fixdep: Add support for VPL
>   fixdep: Refactor to make testing easier
>   fixdep: Add some tests for parse_config_line()
>   test: Add SPL versions of the TEST_KCONFIG options
>   lib: Add an SPL config for LIB_UUID
>   test: Tidy up sandbox handling in test-main
>   x86: Fix up use of X86_32BIT_INIT and X86_64 options
>   Add VPL options for BLOBLIST
>   rockchip: Avoid checking environment without ENV_SUPPORT
>   freescale: Drop old pre-DM_ETH code
>   imx: Use SATA instead of CMD_SATA
>   net: Add an SPL config for atheros
>   freescale: Fix odd use of ESDHCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_TIMEOUT_VALUE
>   serial: Support ns16550 driver in TPL
>   dm: Add a TPL symbol for simple-bus
>   x86: coral: Add missing TPL options
>   power: wandboard: Add a missing CONFIG
>   venice: Simplify conditions for network init
>   command: Don't allow commands in SPL

I've applied almost all of this series. I've left the moveconfig.py
stuff for now as I'm not sure it's useful until split config. I've
followed up about the X86_32BIT_INIT patch as I do want to see that
boot-tested, and I've left the ns16650 TPL patch as both that feel like
"split config makes this an issue" rather than an issue we have today
and fwiw, the dependencies are wrong in that there's no TPL for omap2
which I didn't reply directly to, I only noticed as reviewing the series
locally before merging.

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