[PATCH 2/2] efi: remove error in efi_disk_remove

Patrick DELAUNAY patrick.delaunay at foss.st.com
Thu Mar 9 11:59:16 CET 2023

On 3/9/23 09:54, Heinrich Schuchardt wrote:
> On 3/8/23 14:26, Patrick Delaunay wrote:
>> EFI has no reason to block the driver remove when the associated EFI
>> resources failed to be released.
>> This patch avoids DM issue when an EFI resource can't be released,
>> for example if this resource wasn't created, for duplicated device name
>> Without this patch, the U-Boot device tree is not updated for "usb stop"
>> command because EFI stack can't free a resource; in usb_stop(), the
>> remove operation is stopped on first device_remove() error, including a
>> device_notify() error on any chil
> The typical reason to return an error here is that the EFI device is
> still in use, i.e. a protocol installed on the EFI handle is opened by a
> child controller or driver. As long as the EFI handle cannot be removed
> we must not remove the linked DM device or we corrupt our data model.
> Best regards
> Heinrich


I get it now,

Forget my serie


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