[BUG] Devices of uclass BLK are not listed on x86

Detlev Casanova detlev.casanova at collabora.com
Fri Mar 17 22:29:48 CET 2023


We have been having an issue with IDE and SCSI drives not being usable on the 
x86 architecture.

After bisecting, it looks like commit f2ebaaa9f38dddddefaf2e616a9fc489fe8b4021 
(pci: Handle failed calloc in decode_regions()) is the culprit.

Indeed, it was working when decode_regions() was not returning an error. But 
now that it does, no blk devices get registered anymore.

The decode_regions() function fails because it calls "ofnode_get_property", 
which fails on systems that do not use a device tree

Would it make sense to remove calls to anything related to device trees for 
the x86 platform ?



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