[PATCH] configs: am62ax: enable secure device configs by default

Kamlesh Gurudasani kamlesh at ti.com
Tue Mar 21 16:03:10 CET 2023

Bryan Brattlof <bb at ti.com> writes:

> TI's security enforcing SoCs will authenticate each binary it loads by
> comparing it's signature with keys etched into the SoC during the boot
> up process. The am62ax family of SoCs by default will have some level of
> security enforcement checking. To keep things as simple as possible,
> enable the CONFIG_TI_SECURE_DEVICE options by default so all levels of
> secure SoCs will work out of the box
> Enable the CONFIG_TI_SECURE_DEVICE by default
> Signed-off-by: Bryan Brattlof <bb at ti.com>
Reviewed-by: Kamlesh Gurudasani <kamlesh at ti.com>

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