[ANN] U-Boot v2023.07-rc1 released

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Mon May 1 18:02:57 CEST 2023

Hey all,

It seems that I'm very hit or miss on getting -rc1 out in time. I had
convinced myself that I had planned for it to be May 1 and so ignored my
reminder last week, as I had just gotten back from vacation. So, here we
are, and I'm just going to go short for -rc2 to get us back on track.

I'm hoping for some more PRs to come in still as there's a number of
SoCs with outstanding patches that to me seem like they should be fine,
and I'm also going to put together a network PR once Ramon says he's
finished looking over his queue.

In terms of a changelog, 
git log --merges v2023.04..v2023.07-rc1
contains what I've pulled but as always, better PR messages and tags
will provide better results here.

I'm going to try and stay on schedule now and that means the rest of the
rcs every other Monday, and with final release on July 3rd, 2023.
Thanks all!

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