[Question] build error "undefined reference to `fdtdec_setup_memory_banksize'" (running u-boot and linux on qemu arm64 machine using SPL BOOT from RAM mode)

Chan Kim ckim at etri.re.kr
Wed May 3 11:17:17 CEST 2023

I soon found how to fix it..
>From internet search, I found my old post on stackexchange :
So after adding 'select SPL_LIBCOMMON_SUPPORT' to 'config ARCH_QEMU' in
arch/arm/Kconfig, those errors are gone.
Thank you.
Chan Kim

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>Subject: [Question] build error "undefined reference to
>`fdtdec_setup_memory_banksize'" (running u-boot and linux on qemu arm64
>machine using SPL BOOT from RAM mode)
>Hello u-boot experts,
>I tried running u-boot on qemu arm64 machine and wanted to make u-boot-spl
>automatically switch to linux.
>(I asked this question on qemu-discuss email, but no answer yet, so I ask
>here with some update).
>I used u-boot v2022.07 and I wanted to use SPL mode and 'Boot from RAM'
>So when calling qemu, I give option so that linux kernel image is at
>DRAM address already, and I wish u-boot will switch to the kernel address.
>Originally, the qemu-arm64 board doesn't support SPL so I added/fixed some
>I added in arch/arm/Kconfig, under config ARCH_QEMU,
>    select SPL
>    select RAM
>    select SPL_DM
>    select SUPPORT_SPL
>    select SPL_RAM_SUPPORT
>    select SPL_RAM_DEVICE
>    select SPL_OS_BOOT
>    select SPL_OF_LIBFDT
>    select OF_LIBFDT
>To make some errors in the link script, I added in include/configs/qemu-
>arm.h,(in the qemu machine, DRAM seemd to start at 0x40000000 and it said
>dtb is placed at the first 2MB)
>#define CONFIG_SYS_INIT_RAM_ADDR 0x40200000 #define CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE
>0x400000 #define CONFIG_SPL_BSS_START_ADDR 0x40800000 #define
>and I added this function at board/emulation/qemu-arm/qemu-arm.c to avoid
>compile error(undefined ref for spl_boot_device).
>#include <asm/spl.h>
>u32 spl_boot_device(void)
>    return BOOT_DEVICE_NONE;
>This is how I compile u-boot-spl.
>$ make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64_none_elf- qemu_arm64_defconfig $ make
>CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64_none_elf- -j28
>But I see this compile errors (see at the bottom).
>ENVC    include/generated/env.txt
>  UPD     include/generated/timestamp_autogenerated.h
>  CFGCHK  u-boot.cfg
>  ENVP    include/generated/env.in
>  ENVT    include/generated/environment.h
>  OFCHK   .config
>  CC      cmd/version.o
>  CC      env/common.o
>  AR      cmd/built-in.o
>  CC      lib/efi_loader/dtbdump.o
>  CC      lib/efi_loader/initrddump.o
>  CC      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_exception.o
>  CC      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_exit.o
>  CC      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_return.o
>  LD      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_return_efi.so
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd  LD
>: warning: -z norelro ignored
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: warning: -z norelro ignored
>  OBJCOPY lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_return.efi
>lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_return.efi >
>\ lib/efi_selftest/efi_miniapp_file_image_return.h
>  OBJCOPY lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_exception.efi
>lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_exception.efi >
>\ lib/efi_selftest/efi_miniapp_file_image_exception.h
>  AR      env/built-in.o
>  CC      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_startimage_return.o
>  CC      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_exception.o
>  LD      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_exit_efi.so
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: warning: -z norelro ignored
>  OBJCOPY lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_exit.efi
>lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_miniapp_exit.efi >
>\ lib/efi_selftest/efi_miniapp_file_image_exit.h
>  CC      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_load_file.o
>  CC      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_loadimage.o
>  CC      lib/efi_selftest/efi_selftest_startimage_exit.o
>  LD      lib/efi_loader/initrddump_efi.so
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: warning: -z norelro ignored
>  OBJCOPY lib/efi_loader/initrddump.efi
>  LD      lib/efi_loader/dtbdump_efi.so
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: warning: -z norelro ignored
>  OBJCOPY lib/efi_loader/dtbdump.efi
>  CC      spl/common/spl/spl.o
>  AR      lib/efi_selftest/built-in.o
>  AR      lib/built-in.o
>  AR      spl/common/spl/built-in.o
>  LD      spl/u-boot-spl
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: drivers/core/device.o: in function `alloc_priv':
>undefined reference to `memalign'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: /home/ckim/SuperCom/U-BOOT/temp/u-
>boot.v2022.07/drivers/core/device.c:340: undefined reference to `calloc'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: drivers/core/device.o: in function
>undefined reference to `calloc'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: /home/ckim/SuperCom/U-BOOT/temp/u-
>boot.v2022.07/drivers/core/device.c:118: undefined reference to `calloc'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: /home/ckim/SuperCom/U-BOOT/temp/u-
>boot.v2022.07/drivers/core/device.c:137: undefined reference to `calloc'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: /home/ckim/SuperCom/U-BOOT/temp/u-
>boot.v2022.07/drivers/core/device.c:151: undefined reference to `calloc'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: /home/ckim/SuperCom/U-BOOT/temp/u-
>boot.v2022.07/drivers/core/device.c:234: undefined reference to `free'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: drivers/core/uclass.o: in function `uclass_add':
>undefined reference to `calloc'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: /home/ckim/SuperCom/U-BOOT/temp/u-
>boot.v2022.07/drivers/core/uclass.c:78: undefined reference to `calloc'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: /home/ckim/SuperCom/U-BOOT/temp/u-
>boot.v2022.07/drivers/core/uclass.c:101: undefined reference to `free'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: /home/ckim/SuperCom/U-BOOT/temp/u-
>boot.v2022.07/drivers/core/uclass.c:106: undefined reference to `free'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: drivers/firmware/psci.o: in function `psci_bind':
>undefined reference to `device_is_compatible'
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: /home/ckim/SuperCom/U-BOOT/temp/u-
>boot.v2022.07/drivers/firmware/psci.c:102: undefined reference to
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: u-boot-spl: hidden symbol `calloc' isn't defined
>aarch64-none-elf-ld.bfd: final link failed: bad value
>make[1]: *** [scripts/Makefile.spl:525: spl/u-boot-spl] Error 1
>make: *** [Makefile:2106: spl/u-boot-spl] Error 2
>How can I remove this kind of errors?
>If someone could provide me an anser or hind, I will be very grateful.
>Thank you!
>Chan Kim

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