[PATCH v3 00/19] Migration to using binman for bootloader

Neha Malcom Francis n-francis at ti.com
Thu May 4 11:37:33 CEST 2023

Hi Christian

On 04/05/23 14:08, Christian Gmeiner wrote:
> Hi
>> This series aims to eliminate the use of additional custom repositories
>> such as k3-image-gen (K3 Image Generation) repo and core-secdev-k3 (K3
>> Security Development Tools) that was plumbed into the U-Boot build flow
>> to generate boot images for TI K3 platform devices. And instead, we move
>> towards using binman that aligns better with the community standard build
>> flow.
>> This series uses binman for all K3 platforms supported on U-Boot currently;
>> both HS (High Security, both SE and FS) and GP (General Purpose) devices.
>> Background on using k3-image-gen:
>>          * TI K3 devices require a SYSFW (System Firmware) image consisting
>>          of a signed system firmware image and board configuration binaries,
>>          this is needed to bring up system firmware during U-Boot R5 SPL
>>          startup.
>>          * Board configuration data contain board-specific information
>>          such as resource management, power management and security.
>> Background on using core-secdev-k3:
>>          * Contains resources to sign x509 certificates for HS devices
>> Series intends to use binman to take over the packaging and signing for
>> the R5 bootloader images tiboot3.bin (and sysfw.itb, for non-combined
>> boot flow) instead of k3-image-gen.
>> Series also packages the A72/A53 bootloader images (tispl.bin and
>> u-boot.img) using ATF, OPTEE and DM (Device Manager)
> This simplifies building U-Boot with sysfw alot - thanks for your
> work! I have tested this series on
> an am642 based design. One thing is missing for my HSM use case. I
> want to build an unsigned
> Image and need to sign it with binman in the context of the HSM.
> Therefore we need repacking
> support. Are you working on that too?

So the idea of signing using binman in the HSM flow was discussed 
earlier [1] and the final call was to leave the boot artifacts that 
could be re-signed. So repacking support is not part of this series 
right now, you can use the tools mentioned in the thread [1] to do that 
for simple enough FIT images. However complex images like tiboot3.bin 
and tispl.bin might be a future action. I am not completely sure of the 
HSM flow though, pinging Andrew to comment further on this.

[1] https://lore.kernel.org/all/0b2a8709-eb49-b866-5733-21bee021dbfe@ti.com/
Thanking You
Neha Malcom Francis

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