[PATCH 6/9] doc: Add measured boot documentation

Ilias Apalodimas ilias.apalodimas at linaro.org
Wed May 10 09:43:54 CEST 2023

From: Eddie James <eajames at linux.ibm.com>

Briefly describe the feature and specify the requirements.

Signed-off-by: Eddie James <eajames at linux.ibm.com>
Reviewed-by: Simon Glass <sjg at chromium.org>
 doc/usage/index.rst         |  1 +
 doc/usage/measured_boot.rst | 23 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 24 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 doc/usage/measured_boot.rst

diff --git a/doc/usage/index.rst b/doc/usage/index.rst
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@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ Use U-Boot
+   measured_boot
 Shell commands
diff --git a/doc/usage/measured_boot.rst b/doc/usage/measured_boot.rst
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+.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
+Measured Boot
+U-Boot can perform a measured boot, the process of hashing various components
+of the boot process, extending the results in the TPM and logging the
+component's measurement in memory for the operating system to consume.
+* A hardware TPM 2.0 supported by the U-Boot drivers
+* Device-tree configuration of the TPM device to specify the memory area
+  for event logging. The TPM device node must either contain a phandle to
+  a reserved memory region or "linux,sml-base" and "linux,sml-size"
+  indicating the address and size of the memory region. An example can be
+  found in arch/sandbox/dts/test.dts
+* The operating system must also be configured to use the memory regions
+  specified in the U-Boot device-tree in order to make use of the event
+  log.

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