In u-boot proper, what function in int_sequence_r list jumps to linux?

Chan Kim ckim at
Tue May 16 13:21:30 CEST 2023

Hello u-boot experts,

On qemu arm64 virt machine, I can start u-boot-spl and it loads
and executes it.
Previously I have used u-boot-spl and used falcon mode to jump directly to
linux on qemu virt machine and on actual board, but I had modified u-boot
code to skip some parts and forced some parameters(in spl_image? Maybe)
arbitrarily to my purpose. This time I'm trying to do u-boot-spl => u-boot
=> linux without changing u-boot source code. 
In u-boot-spl case, there is the part where it jumps to linux in the
board_init_r function (in common/spl/spl.c). 
But u-boot(proper) case, in board_init_r function (in common/board_r.c)
there is no such jump to linux. It just calls functions in init_sequence_r
function pointer array. The array starts with initr_trace and ends with
run_main_loop. When I run it, it runs the run_main_loop function and comes
out to prompt. My question is : in what function am I supposed to jump to
I will appreciate any comment or answer. (using u-boot.v2022.07)

Thank you.
Chan Kim

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