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Tue Nov 20 06:52:44 CET 2007

course you can use the standard tree with the ELDK - like
any other Linux kernel tree as well.

> I don't know whether there is difference between them, or whether ELDK
> adds something to its source package. 
> thank you.

The ELDK uses the DENX maintained Linux kernel tree, see;a=summary

This has a couple of extensions, bug fixes  and  support  for  boards
that is not available in the tree. We try hard to push our
additions  upstream,  but  this takes time and resources, and in some
cases it doesn;t work at all (for example, because new board  support
for  the  arch/ppc  tree isn't accepted any more in the public kernel

So depending on which board you have, the tree may or  may
not work for you.

Also, referring to "latest version" - the DENX kernel tree is at
version now. This is pretty current - I doubt you find many
vendors of embedded distros which provide more recent versions.

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