[ELDK] EBC configuration for mmio

Sunil D sunil.d at redpinesignals.com
Sat Feb 23 05:59:01 CET 2008

We are working on the MMIO interface and are struck up at sending the 
data over the interface on PPC405EXr.The following are the 
configurations done by us to use EBC Bank3.

EBC0_B3CR = 0x80018000 /*Base address 0x800 size 1MB Read/Write set */
EBC0_B3AP = 0x07840f80
We have configured GPIO pin 10 (PER_CS3) for the chip select.The 
following is the configuration for the CS .
OSRL : 00aa54aa
TSRL : 00aa54aa
ISR1L: XX(Dont care)
Here are our observations while doing the data transfer.
1.When the data of one byte is sent continuously we have observed that 
the second write blocks and the chip select is not triggered for the 
second transfer.
2.When one byte is sent and immediately we read the data over the 
interface the read blocks and we also see that chip select is not 
triggered for the read.
3.The point 2 mentioned above is not consistent.We some times read the 
value from the interface though the chip select is not triggered.
Please could you verify our configurations.Please let us know if there 
is any thing additional to be done.

Thanks and Regards,

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