[ELDK] Non cacheable memory request

Fariya fariyaf at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 16:13:23 CET 2008


I am working on the PPC 405EX processor with a peripheral attached to the
EBC. I've requested for I/O memory. How do I ensure that the memory range
that I requested is non-cacheable? I've to work with non-cacheable memory.
 I've requested for memory using request_mem_region( ) & mapped it using
ioremap( ) . Which functions should I use to ensure the non-cacheability of
the requested memory region?

Between any consecutive writes or any consecutive reads, if I introduce a
delay of 500msec, the read/write is completing.  Does this have to do
anything with caching? What could be the  reason for this?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

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